Why submarines are scary, infinite storage glitch, hire great writers

12 Mar, 2023

Cool things I came across - Issue #2

Why submarines are scary

It's crazy how nuclear-armed submarines have the power to destroy an entire nation. It was fascinating to learn how missiles launched from submarines use stars to position themselves accurately towards the target.

These submarines are silently roaming around underwater, always ready to strike at a moment's notice. What has the power to obliterate us in minutes is what keeps us from self-destruction -- how ironic!

Johnny covers the topic in-depth while also keeping it entertaining - definitely worth a watch.

Infinite storage glitch

This is one of the most creative/out-of-box projects I've seen. DvorakDwarf came up with this brilliant idea of encoding any file into a video and uploading it to YouTube (explanation), thus creating this infinite storage glitch.

After seeing this, I'm inspired to think of unconventional data encoding techniques - like an app that lets you print files. Also, as mentioned in the, it is probably against Youtube's ToS to take advantage of this storage.

Hire great writers

It's a recent episode of the Rework podcast by 37signals. Writing enforces clarity! A lot of times, we are stuck in meetings which should've been async. Writing out ideas is not only helpful for the writer to evaluate them but also provides time for the readers to think through and contribute.

Jason and David emphasize the importance of writing and share how they hire & work with great writers.