Creation = Satisfaction

7 Mar, 2023

I consume a lot of content -- podcasts, blog posts, videos, and books from time to time. Even though most of what I consume is informative & beneficial for me, it doesn't leave me satisfied at the end of the day - in fact, it makes me depressed if I do it continuously.

Ain't nothing is as satisfying as a good day of coding or writing or reflecting on what I learned with a friend.

I have been contemplating methods of creation that bring me joy, so I came up with this list of things I enjoy creating:

Perfection trap

When it came to writing, the only thing that used to stop me was seeking perfection. I wanted the site I post it in, the topic, and even the length of the post to be perfect - that also meant nothing gets posted.

I built the simplest site without static site generators, and now I write whatever piques my interest at the given moment - this did the job of getting out of the trap.

The next time you feel not so good -- try creating!

How I feel after consuming (exhausted) vs how I feel after creating (great)