What I'm doing now

Mar 12, 2023

From Kumbakonam, India: Came to grandparents' place. Kumbakonam is a small town known for its temples. I've been walking around a lot and eating at cute old restaurants (one even dates back to 1914) that serve delicious south Indian food in big banana leaves.

Chekkulam lake - walking park Kumbakonam's famous degree coffee Podi dosa from Sri Mangalambiga Vilas Onion ghee roast from Seetharama Vilas

Also, wrote about creation and more cool things I came across.


Feb 23, 2023

From Chennai, India: After thinking a bit about what to write next, I got this fantastic idea (inspired by Jason Fried's Heard Something, Read Something, Saw Something) of writing a series on the cool things I came across recently. I just finished writing the first one - how to walk, spaced repetition, why we all need subtitles now.

Feb 20, 2023

From Chennai, India: Working on my site. After playing around with a few static site generators, decided to stick with just HTML + CSS for simplicity.